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Thanks for choosing high-speed i2-internet ,
please following these steps:

  Internet apartment Support for Wireless User




 Step One : Set Network Parameters Procedures for setting to receive the IP address from DHCP server are slightly
different depend on your operating system select “obtain ip and dns automatically” to avoid IP address conflict
between users and don't set the proxy paramitor

 Step Two : Select SSID or network name The purpose of this step is to make sure that you can access the right
wireless network by select SSID or network name to be “ Name of Building” When Connected network by
Wireless , LAN , HPNA already ; ( check by Windows or Wireless Software that status     " connected" ) Open
Program Internet Browser and type the Web you require

  Step Three : Login To The System The purpose of this step is to verify your authentication, your authorization and
your account before let you access the high-speed Internet. At this step, if you type any URL address in the address
bar of your browser, it will redirect to the login page.
Enter in your username and password and then click Login
. If login process is successful, it will display a window that shows you the remaining usage of your account and you
can enjoy with the high-speed Internet.

 Step Four : Logout From System The purpose of this step is to make sure that you properly logout from the system
and saving your account for next usage. At this step, in case you don't want to continue using the high-speed Internet,
please remember to logout. Otherwise your account will be charged until idle timeout terminate your session
automatically.You can logout by following the instruction window that will be display after you successfully login.
Popup Window for logout will appear and show number of internet hours left.
Please still open this window for Used internet

 If Window logout is closed,
Type       for v.i2-internet
or                        for v.2.3

or                        for v.2.4

at address bar of Internet explorer press “enter” then logout complete.( You can check by can log in again) Enjoy
your access to internet.


 If you want to check usage time,สำหรับ Version อื่นๆ

or             for v.2.3

or           for v.2.4 


 If log out process not complete next times You cannot log in ,
The system will be shown that “ Log in failed”. please following these steps
1.Goto Link       Login failed click here to Clear Session    or Image202.44.53.40

   at the Login Page
2.Type Username and Password.
3.Click at “Clear Session ” at the Left menu ; and then you can log in .






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